Single and Multiple Time Delayed Systems (TDS)

Stability and control features of dynamic systems affected by delays are studied.

New paradigm for stability robustness of TDS against uncertain delays: Cluster Treatment of Characteristic Roots (CTCR)

Stability Analysis for Single and Multiple Time Delay Systems             PPT –  on CTCR

Animations for Muliple Time Delay Systems                                        PPT –  6th order 3 delay System

Control Synthesis to Stabilize the TDS

Sign Inverting Control                                                                        Eperimental Paper – Simple Logic enlarges the delay tolerance

Delay Scheduling Control                                                                  PPT –  “Can You increase  the existing delay and improve performance?”

Trajectory Tracking Experiment under Presence of Multiple Delays       Inverted Pendulum w/ multiple delays

Homicidial Chauffeur Problem Simulation with Delayed Feedback         A Video Game

High Speed Milling Chatter with Variable Pitch Cutter                           PPT